Airplane Weird Love Story

So, after wait for a couple of hours, here I am. Sitting in the airplane near the window. Next to two tourists from UK, I guess. They with 10 other tourists are going to Surabaya as I am. I think they are in holiday vacation in Manado. Yeah, as you know, there are so many places that you can visit when you decide to go to Manado, such as Bunaken, Bukit Kasih, and many more.

The one who besides me is a woman. Around twenty as I am, I guess. She has long brown hair, white skin, blue eyes. So beautiful. Ah, she is using blue GAP jacket with grey clothes inside it and black tight trousers. Let's call her, Jean. Pretty name, ha?

She is using white headset that connected to her iPhone. Listening music for sure. I see from her face, she feel so tired. Her blue eyes just try to open widely when the 'pramugari' give safety instructions, but in the end she just feel asleep.

A half of hours after this airplane take off, there are some vibrate from the airplane that makes her head fall off to my right shoulder. Still sleeping. So tired, Jean? Doesn't want to make her awake, I just relax my shoulder so she can feel comfortable sleeping on my shoulder.

In next hour, she awake and realize that she fall asleep on my shoulder.

"Sorry," she said. I just smile and said,

"No problem. I see that you're so tired. So I let you sleep on my shoulder."

"Yeah, yesterday we were dived at Bunaken and back to our hotel on foot, I think around 3 kilometres or more from the harbour," she start to tell her story to me. She didn't stop talking until next 15 minutes, she realize that I just listening to her story.

"Sorry again, if I'm too talkative."
I shake my head, "No, no. I'm glad to hear your story," she just smile. Beautiful smile.

"You're not taking my photo when I sleep on your shoulder, ha?" She asked.

I laugh. "I'm not such that person," we both laugh then.

Ten minutes before the airplane land, she look at me and said,
"We were talked so much but didn't know our name each others."
I take out my piece of ticket from my pocket and let her see my name on it.

"Bayu? Good name," then she did the same way to let me know her name.

"Jennifer? Pretty name," I said.

"I wanna say thanks for letting your shoulder for my sleep,"

"It's okay. No problem."

"I want to give you a little gift as my thanks before we are landing, so close your eyes please"

"Okay," then I close my eyes. In next seconds, I can feel her breath in front of me. Suddenly, she kissed me on the lips. Not a short kiss. I shocked a while and calm down and receive her 'little gift'. Long kiss.

Our kiss stopped by the voice that tell we'll landing in few minutes. She smiled. Me either. And she take back her head to my shoulder until the airplane landed safely.

Then, we're getting ready to get out from the plane. After that, when in the airport she gives me a little kiss again on my cheek and say good bye.

Who knows? The woman who take my first kiss is an English woman who fell asleep on my shoulder in the airplane called Jennifer.

A little airplane love story. Okay, weird story.

Ya cerita yang aneh. Tata bahasa Inggris yang ngasal. Cuma berdasarkan cerita ringan dengan Jennifer, bule UK yang duduk di sebelah gua selama di penerbangan dari Manado ke Surabaya.

Dan karena lagi stress dapet Whatsapp yang bikin down dan males.

Maafkan. *bow

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