Someone I Know

I’ll tell you a story about someone I know. A guy who broke up with his loving girlfriend a few days ago. Just a person that I know. He’s taking it hard and really sad.

What do you think? No, this isn’t my story. It’s just a story of a person I know.

He loved her so much. Says he falls for her even
though they met over a year. He used to tell girls that he was single. But he even showed her off to his friends.

Even his mom thought she was pretty. Just like how his mom told him when he was young. She said that his girlfriend was perfect from head to toe. That’s how much his mom liked her.

He took her home every night on a taxi. Then he would take the last bus back home. It was hard work but he wanted to be with her at least another minute. Because when he was with her, his worries melted away.

They were so happy like that. The story is good till here, happiness times one hundred. But who is that person? Uh.. just someone I know.

He said something started to feel strange at some point. They used to be so close but they started to feel awkward. He said he had no idea why. After a while, he found out that she was leaving far away.

She said, let’s stop this now, as she cried and he tried clinging onto her white hands like a lobster. But seeing her be in even more pain, he loosened his pincers. I told him, just face it, she didn’t love you.

But he kept denying it. He kept begging like a hungry beggar. What she gave him was not love but pity. I’m so sad.

Did I just say “I’m”? I guess I got too into the story, you understand, right? But you ask how I know the story this well? Oh because we’re really close.

These kinds of things happen to people

It’s so funny, isn’t it childish?

But what do you think? What do you think that guy should do? Should he hold onto her or should he just give up? Am I being too serious?

I’ll tell you a story about someone you know. A guy who broke up with his loving girlfriend a few days ago. Yeah, that guy is me. It’s really hard and I’m really sad.

So what should I do? Nah, never mind.

Just.. just…

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