I love language. Because language is one of many ways to connect people around the world. English is the most used language in the world. There’s something interesting about English. English generally come from United Kingdom. In United States, they also use English as their national language. But, English UK and English US is different in some ways. Accent for example. What makes them also different are the vocabularies. Most vocabularies in English UK are simple. But, in US they change a few words to give some more explanation about that word or thing.
For example, in UK there is a word ‘pavement’ but in US they said ‘sidewalk’. So they need to know where they are gonna walk on the street, they are walking on the side of the walk so they call it ‘sidewalk’. Maybe they think when they use word ‘pavement’ in US, they’re gonna hit by the car. Another example, in UK they use word ‘bin’ but in US ‘wastepaper basket’. So they need an explanation or an instruction how to use that thing. We have to use paper, not a fresh paper but waste paper specifically and then throw it into a basket. But my favorite example is ‘horse riding’. What they in US call it? ‘horse back riding’. They need to know where they are gonna sit on the horse specifically. So, they called it ‘horse back riding’.
But, it’s the beauty of English. The beauty of language. And I love it.

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